Agriculture Sprayer 35

Agriculture sprayer 35 is a heavy-duty industrial quality HTP used for spraying operations in plantation crops where under a normal situation it is difficult to deliver the spray. With an average pump RPM of 1000, it can generate a pressure of 600-700 psi helping to reach the top of even tall trees such as coconut. It comes with an oil pump capacity of 900 ml and hose length of 300 m.
Manufacturer: SAMPOORTI
Old price: $8,000.00


  1. High efficiency, heavy-duty sprayer
  2. High durability and easily portable
  3. Generates high-pressure
  4. Oil-lubricated working parts


Portable and suitable for spraying operations orchards like Mango, coffee, rubber plantations, apple, vineyards, ground crops and particularly for tall trees like coconut etc. Used in service station for cleaning vehicles, used in Municipal for cleaning drainage system.

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Rate Power2.2kW - 4.8kW (3hp- 6.5hp)
Output pressure10-50 (kg/Cm2)
Suction volume30-40 (L/min)
OIL900ml (20w40 Grade)
Hose Pipe Lengthupto 300m
ball Cock or Valve3Nos
ball Cock or Valve Size1/2 inchi each
Delivery & Suction Hose2.3m , SS red Hose