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Algae Free for Aquarium

Algae Free Clean up the greenish or brownish aquarium water, which is due to the algae presence.
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Aqua Plants Microbes

Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes also contains various microorganisms which have ability to produce many plant growth promoters and plant growth promoting hormones.
$450.00 $300.00
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Aqua soil

Utkarsh AquaSoil ensure your healthy and long-term growth.
$420.00 $280.00
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Aquarium CO₂ (Liquid CO2 for Aquarium Plants)

Utkarsh Aquarium CO₂ contains no phosphate or nitrate.
$660.00 $440.00
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Aquarium Macro set

(Combination of Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt)+ MKP (00:52:34) + NOP (13:00:45)) Fertilizers For Aquarium Plants
$1,140.00 $740.00
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Bhim Plus (For Increasing Fruits and Flowers Size With Quality) PGR Based Natural Fertilizers

• Bhim Plus indirectly improves the production of the crop.
$680.00 $450.00
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