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All Purpose Hydroponic Nutrient.

₹ 875.00 ₹ 475.00
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Utkarsh Algae Free for Aquarium

Utkarsh Algae Free is specifically meant to clean algae in planted or non-planted aquariums. Over exposure to lights and over availability of nutrients are two most common reasons of algae boom in captive water. If not treated on time it may severely impact underwater lives, including plants and fishes. Algae free tanks or tanks with almost no algae looks stunningly beautiful.
₹ 470.00 ₹ 310.00
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Utkarsh Aqua Plants Microbes

Microbes for Aquarium and aquatic plants
₹ 450.00 ₹ 300.00
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Utkarsh Aqua soil

Utkarsh AquaSoil is a substrate for aquarium plants. By applying thin layer under a layer of aquarium gravel, aquarium plants have sufficient nutrients. The layer functions as a nutrient substrate over a long period of time nutrients can deliver. The main constituents are natural clay and turf. These have the property to slow the nutrients down to the roots of aquarium plants, but hittingsimultaneously nutrients from the aquarium water in the soil. This can be a buffer with nutrients to build so that aquarium plants are always sufficient nutrients for the hands have to be lush to be able to grow.
₹ 420.00 ₹ 280.00
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Utkarsh Aquarium CO₂

(Liquid CO2 for Aquarium Plants)
₹ 660.00 ₹ 440.00
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Utkarsh Gro

(Advanced nutrient system for Hydroponics) Media & Fertilizers For Hydroponics
₹ 540.00 ₹ 360.00
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