Manual Rice Transplanter machine-2row

Positioned amidst the celebrated names of Manual Rice Transplanter, we are customers' reliable choice in this field. To maintain high-quality standards, we make certain that the assortment of products is kept safe with utmost proficiency. We keep the products well stacked in order to avoid any damage. Hand Cranked Rice Transplanter which is a manually operated and backward walking type of machine. This rice planter is ideal for small farmers and can plant two 2 rows simultaneously.
Manufacturer: AGRI TECHNO
Old price: $27,999.00

The technical specifications for this machine is as given below :

  • Row distance - 250 mm
  • Planting distance - Adjustable.
  • Weight - 20 kg.                                                  
  • Turning radius - 210mm
  • Max. planting depth - 65mm
  • Max planting frequency - 120/ minute
  • Resistance of crank : 1.5-2kg
  • Resistance of moving : 1—2kg
  • Planting speed - About 530 square meters/hour.

The bottom support is made from wood shown as the picture, not plastic.


The advantages of wood:

  • Easy too maintain
  • Light, easy to operate
  • The wood has strong water resistance



It is walking backward operating types. So it will never sink, never destroy your rice/paddy field. The weight of the Chhibber Shakti Manual Rice Transplanter is only 20 kg. So it can move to anywhere by a single person. Most other transplanters are too heavy, when they are transplanting in rice/paddy field, they will not move forward but sink But in case of Chhibber Shakti manual rice transplanter, works perfectly without any trouble because of it’s light weight. So Overall its ideal for small farmers, small fields and hilly areas.



  • It is walking backward manual transplanter.
  • it is a hand cranked roller operate.
  • No need of energy, fuel & man power.
  • Easy to operate & maintain.
  • 5 to 10 times fast than hand transplanting.
  • No longer for farmers to bent down when planting.
  • It can work well both in the shallow water and deep water.


UsePaddy Transplanter
ApplicationRice Transplanter
Brand NameAgri Techno
Type of productManual Rice Transplanter
No. of Rows2 Row
Planting DistanceAdjustable
Turning Radius210 mm
Max Planting Depth65 mm
Plant high (min)150-400 mm
Working Efficiency0.8-1 Acre / Hour
Weight (kg)20 (Approx)
Max Planting Frequency12 nos / min
Row Distance200 mm