Regular Mulch Film (30 micron)

NO warranty Length- 1200 feet validity:- 30 micron - 6-7 month Mark the rows in the field, prepare bedding for crop using manure/compost. Mix the manure thoroughly in the soil. Make sure the bed is flat and remove any kind of previous plants, weed or stones. Then install the mulch film by stretching evenly on the bed. Make a hold with sharp tool and start seeding or planting in the soil through holes.
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No Warranty


20 micron - 6-7 month

Length-1200 feet

 mulch does not allow any kind of light transfer which results in conserving moisture, controlling the unwanted weeds and better crop yield.

MULCHING PROCESS: Mulching is a process of covering soil and forming a protective layer around the plant from natural disaster and unwanted Weeds. Also Mulch Film prevents direct evaporation of soil water which results in better root development.