Saarthi ICE 400D is an even more powerful with 418 cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke diesel engine tillage equipment used mainly for tilling and inter-cultivation activities. It has 3 gears – 2 forward and 1 reverse and comes with bigger tyre size for uneven roads and higher fuel tank capacity. Saarthi ICE 400D could also function for turning the soil, weeding, aerating and making rows for planting
Manufacturer: SAMPOORTI
Old price: $99,999.00


  1. More powerful engine (9.4 hp)
  2. Higher fuel capacity and greater efficiency
  3. Versatile and multipurpose – can power pumps, generators or sprayers
  4. Both the quick start and manual start function
  5. Adjustable handlebar for easy operation
  6. Adjustable shafts for easy gap modification

Uses :-

This is a equipment used for tilling, inter-cultivating, turning the soil, weeding, aerating and making rows for plantation. It is recommended to use in a land with sufficient moisture or already been ploughed using tractor.