Utkarsh Organic Manure

Organic fertilizer for plants
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  • Utkarsh Organic Manure Made with animal dung and other agricultural wastes enriched with different microbes like Nitrogen fixing bacteria, phosphorus, potassium solubilizing bacteria and many more beneficial microbes.
  • Utkarsh Organic Manure is fully composted material, so no harmful bacteria and unwanted weeds.
  • Utkarsh Organic Manure Useful for all kinds of lawn, floriculture, horticultural crops like fruit crops and vegetable crops.
  • Utkarsh Organic Manure Improves shelf life of flowers remaining fresh for longer hours. Prevents soil from becoming hard and improves water retention capacity of soil.
  • Utkarsh Organic Manure Keeps plants from pest infestation and diseases by making soil and plant healthy. It is 100% organic, natural and biological product.

Application & Dosage

You can use Organic Manure alone or along with other potting mix materials like Perlte, Vermiculite, Vermicompost, Neem cake, Castor cake, Bio compost, Cocopeat, etc.

Use product as directed.

The company does not assume any liability arising out of use of this product, since the usage is beyond its control. User assumes all risk of use, storage and application of this product not in strict accordance with instructions given herewith.

Specific uses of the product

Organic fertilizer for plants