Utkarsh Marvel

(Advance Bio Stimulant For Plant)
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• Marvel is an advance bio stimulant for plant and flowering.
• Marvel contains natural hormones, enzymes, vital amino acids, plant growth enhancers, essential nutrients for bio physio activation in plants.
• Marvel stimulates plant health and enhances plant tolerance towards adverse climatic conditions and environmental stress.
• Marvel boosts flowering, fruit setting and improves quality and quantity of crop yield.

Application & Dose:-

• APPLICATION:- For foliar spray, Spray at the time of flowering and after 15 days of flowering up to maturity stage in long duration crops.
• DOSAGE:- 0.5-1 ml/liter water.
2 sprays in crops with life cycles of 90-120 days
3-4 sprays in crop with life cycle of 180-240 days.