Agriculture Sprayer 702

Agriculture sprayer 702 is a 20-litre capacity knapsack power sprayer useful for larger gardens and small to medium cultivation systems. A powerful 26 cc, the 2-stroke engine ensures a uniform spread along with a quick and easy application of necessary chemicals in the required area.
products.manufacturer: SAMPOORTI
products.price.oldprice: $15,000.00


  1. Durable and ergonomic design
  2. Heavy-duty pump and low fuel consumption
  3. Quick start mechanism
  4. Simple and easy lock or shutdown functions
  5. Lightweight and easy on the back
  6. Quality accessories

Uses :-

Suitable for spraying in all crops includung tea and coffee plantation, orchards etc.

CarburatorBig Dint Carburetor
SpecificationAlloy pump, 1 Brass joint Gun 90cm, 3 Nozzle Steel Lance
Fuel Tank Capacity20lit
Weight of Machine8.3 kg
Engine Type2-Stroke Engine
Rate Power0.7kW (1hp)
Output pressure2MPa-3.5MPa
Suction volume7-9 L/min
Fuel Tank Capacity600ml
OILEngine-40ml (2T) oil/1L of petrol
OILPump-100ml (20w40 Grade)
Fuel Consumption500 ml/hr.
Liquid Output (Aproxx)180Lit/hr