Agriculture Sprayer 764

Agriculture Sprayer 764 is a 31 cc, 4-stroke, petrol engine portable sprayer that can be carried to the place for spraying. Here the spray solution is not put to the sprayer but kept separately. It is particularly useful in medium to large scale agricultural systems to spray pesticides and weedicides. They are suited to most crops and terrains.
products.manufacturer: SAMPOORTI
products.price.oldprice: $20,000.00


  1. New engine model provides higher efficiency
  2. Durable and ergonomic design
  3. Heavy-duty spray output
  4. Long-lasting brass joint, stainless steel lance and trigger
  5. Filter safety to prevent clogging
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Accessories include suction hose, delivery hose and tool kit

Uses :-

Suitable for spraying in all crops includung tea and coffee plantation, fruits, vegetables etc.

CarburatorBig Dint Carburetor
Rate Power0.7kW (1hp)
Engine Type4-Stroke Engine
Output pressure2MPa-3.5MPa
Suction volume7-9 L/min
Fuel Tank Capacity600ml
OILFor Engine-80ml (20w40 Grade)
OILFor pump-100ml (20w40 Grade)
Fuel Consumption550 ml/hr
Liquid Output (Aproxx)200Lit/hr (output)
Hose Pipe Length10m / 45cm(lance)
Weight of Machine11 kg
Suction volume9lit/min