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Earth Auger 82cc, 10/12 Inch Auger

Now make any digging faster and easier with this one man earth auger! Agri Techno Earth Auger with Drill Bit has been designed keeping the ergonomics in mind. A comfortable and well balanced handle offers an excellent anti-vibration system which makes your usage safer. The biggest advantage of this auger is that it is easy to use and can be operated even by a single person. Opt for this Portable-type, light weight, Low Noise, Easy to start earth auger and get high fuel efficiency of 52 cc two-stroke engine. This auger works with auger drill bits ranging from 80mm to 250mm and is widely used in the garden, agriculture, fishing, geophysical exploration and construction. Make you digging process more effortless and efficient when you buy AgriPro Earth Auger with Drill Bit.
$23,999.00 $20,900.00
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