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Hectare Hand Tractor

Hectare multi attachment tool is a manually operated tractor for all farm operations like tilling of soil, making furrows and weeding. It has a lightweight tyre for easy operations. All these three attachments can be easily attached and removed.
₹ 6,999.00 ₹ 4,300.00
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Hectare Mango Picker with cotton net and 4 replaceable blades

Hectare Mango picker is a tool for harvesting of mangoes and other fruits. This product comes with especially handmade cotton net to absorb sap while picking fruits.
₹ 599.00 ₹ 699.00
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Hectare Stirrup hoe without pipe

Hectare hand weeder is a stirrup hoe with 7 inch long blade, which is recommended to attach with long pipe for better use. It is used for topsoil work in removing weeds which has shallow roots .
₹ 849.00 ₹ 549.00
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Seed tray (104 cavity)

Best quality seed tray
₹ 9.00 ₹ 6.50
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'UNISON' Bonsai Set with Prunner

Bonsai Set with Fruit Cutter Straight
₹ 675.00 ₹ 649.00
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'UNISON' Deluxe Range

Digging Trowel,Transplanting Trowel,Fork Twisted with fish type handle
₹ 770.00 ₹ 771.00
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