Hand Chainsaw-58cc, 22inch

Hand Operated Gasoline Chainsaw is a hand operated device which is mainly utilized for cutting wooden blocks, bars, and trees. It is fitted with a high quality motor which assists in generating torque required for cutting. This saw works on principle of rotating a sharp chain which moves along guide bar. It is fitted with a small fuel tank which serves as a power source for motor. Chain Saw contains a crankshaft which turns gear assembly that is connected to sprocket on which chain is fitted.
products.manufacturer: AGRI TECHNO
products.price.oldprice: $8,400.00


  • Perfect hand grip with throttle trigger
  • Assures easy fuel filling
  • Smooth cutting operation
  • Engine type Single Cylinder, Air-cooling, 2-stroke
  • Displacement -58CC
  • Engine Power -2.8KW/8000RPM
  • Maximum Engine Speed at idling -3000+200RPM
  • Maximum Engine Speed with cutting attachment -12000+200RPM
  • Fuel Consumption -450430g/kw.h
  • Fuel Mixture-(Gasoline 25:Two cycle oil 1)
  • Fuel tank capacity- 0.55L
  • Oil tank capacity- 0.26L
  • Guide Bar Size -22”
  • Chain pitch Pitch -0.325"/gauge0.058
  • Carburetor- diaphragm
  • Ignition System -C.D.1
  • N.W -5.3KG
  • MEAS- 48*26*30cm

Chain Saw Packing List

Name Quantity Remark

  • Chain Saw 1pc Guide Bar, Chain, Bar protector
  • Tank 1pc
  • Specifications 1copy
  • Toolkit 1 pc

Contains: Chain file, carburetor adjusting screwdriver, spark plug wrench, 3 six angle wrench and 4 six angle wrench

Daily Maintenance of 5800 Chain Saw
Clean the surface of the machine.

  • Clean the Air cleaner, use gas to clean the filter core.
  • Check all the connections whether there is leakage of oil or air.
  • Check all the screws of the engine cover to see if there are the loose or lost. If there is, please screw tightly or replace.
  • Cover the machine with plastic film and store it in dry and well ventilated.


AdvantageEasy to Operate
FeaturesLong functional life
SpecialityRust resistance