Mustard Surabhi Black - Shine Brand Seeds (1 Kg)

Mustard Surabhi Black - Shine Brand Seeds, Hybrid Sarso, Sarso Ke Beej, Future Mustard Leaves With Green Dark Colour, Best Germination Rate
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GERMINATION RATE : 90 to 95 %.

MATURITY : 90 to 110 days.

QUANTITY : 2 to 2.5 kilograms of hybrid seeds to cultivate in one acre.

PRODUCTION : 6 to 10 Quintal / Acre.

Fresh Mustard Leaves Feature Dark Green Coloured Broad Leaves With Flat Surface And May Have Either Toothed, Frilled Or Lacy Edges. These Mustard Leaves Are Available In Northern India During Winter Only And Famously Used In The Punjabi Sarsoon Ka Saag Recipe. Planting Mustard Greens Is Done Either From Seed Or From Seedlings. Since Growing Mustard Greens From Seed Is So Easy, This Is The Most Common Way To Plant Mustard Greens.

However, Young Seedlings Will Work As Well. If You’ll Be Growing Mustards From Seed, You Can Start Them Outdoors Three Weeks Before Your Last Frost Date. If You Would Like A More Steady Harvest, Plant Mustard Green Seeds About Every Three Weeks To Give You A Successive Harvest. Mustard Greens Will Not Grow Well In The Summer, So You Should Stop Planting Seeds A Bit Before The End Of Spring And Start Planting The Mustard Green Seeds Again In Mid-Summer For A Fall Harvest.