Utkarsh Magnesium Nitrate ( Powder)

For enhancing photosynthesis in plants and trees
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  • Utkarsh Magnesium Nitrate¬† (Mg(NO3)2.6H2O) is a soluble, pure and crystal fertilizer that is very effective for covering magnesium deficiencies in plants.
  • Utkarsh Magnesium Nitrate contains 15% MgO (9.5% Mg) and 11% nitrogen originating from nitrate.
  • Utkarsh Magnesium Nitrate is a good magnesium transporter, as nitrate facilitates absorption of magnesium.
  • Utkarsh Magnesium Nitrate may not be mixed with fertilizers with phosphorous content.

Application & Dosage

For spraying- 5-8 gm/litre,  For drip irrigation: 4-8 kg/acre

Use product as directed.

The company does not assume any liability arising out of use of this product, since the usage is beyond its control. User assumes all risk of use, storage and application of this product not in strict accordance with instructions given herewith.

Specific uses of the product

For enhancing photosynthesis in plants and trees