Utkarsh Castor cake

Organic fertilizer for plants
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  • Utkarsh Castor Cake encourages soil microbial activity.
  • Utkarsh Castor Cake supplies all the major and micro nutrients For plant growth.They bring in the wonderful molecules that nature has designed to help the plants flourish naturally.
  • Utkarsh Castor Cake improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.
  • Utkarsh Castor Cake is one of the most widely available organic materials and it enhances the fertility of the soil considerably without causing any adverse effect on soil properties. It contains with 58% organic matter, 5% of Nitrogen, 2% of Phosphorus and 1.5% of Potassium. It also has traces of nutrients like manganese, zinc and copper, thus making it a balanced fertilizer.
  • Utkarsh Castor Cake can be applied for any type of soil, with its high content of organic matter.

Application & Dosage

You can use Castor Cake alone or along with other potting mix materials like Perlte, Vermiculite, Vermicompost, Neem Cake, Bio compost, Cocopeat, etc.

Use product as directed.

The company does not assume any liability arising out of use of this product, since the usage is beyond its control. User assumes all risk of use, storage and application of this product not in strict accordance with instructions given herewith.

Specific uses of the product

Organic fertilizer for plants