Utkarsh Calcium Nitrate

Calcium Nitrate To correct calcium deficiency

  • Calcium Nitrate is dense granular fertilizer which dissolves quickly and completely in water.
  • Calcium Nitrate also helps plants for tolerance to diseases infection due to cells strength.
  • Calcium Nitrate improves cell wall leading to better quality of marketable produce.
  • Calcium Nitrate prevents cracking of Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Calcium Nitrate is free from chloride, sodium & other harmful elements of plants.

Application & Dosage

Recommendations : Spray and Drip. Application.

DOSE : •For Spray : 4-6gm / Liter Water and For Drip : 4-6 kg / Acre

Use product as directed.

The company does not assume any liability arising out of use of this product, since the usage is beyond its control. User assumes all risk of use, storage and application of this product not in strict accordance with instructions given herewith.

Specific uses of the product

To correct calcium deficiency