Utkarsh Zincoz

For zinc solubilizing of fertilizer in plants and trees
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  • Zincoz is a Zinc Solubilizing Biofertilizer that produces acids and converts the insoluble zinc sulphides, zinc oxide, and zinc carbonate into available Zn+ through lowering the soil pH and breaking down the complex.
  •  Zincoz enhances plant maturity, improves internode length and increase size of leaf.


Drenching, Drip application.

1-3 litre/acre.

Use product as directed. The company does not assume any liability arising out of use of this product, since the usage is beyond its control. User assumes all risk of use, storage and application of this product not in strict accordance with instructions given herewith

Specific uses of the product

For zinc solubilizing of fertilizer in plants and trees.